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Sleep Dentistry
If you feel nervous or if you have a dental phobic about tooth extraction or surgery or just in the need of sleep dentistry, we can help you! At Aussie Smiles Dentists in Mosman, Sydney we understand that sleep dentistry and a gentle dentist can help any nervous patient. Sleep dentistry is beneficial if you:

  1. - Have complex dental needs or in need for long dental sessions
  2. - Are very fearful or anxious about dental treatments
  3. - Have very sensitive teeth or teeth gums
  4. - Experience difficulty becoming numb
  5. - Dislike the thought of having needles in your mouth
  6. - Have a lower than average pain threshold
  7. - Previously had negative dental experience
  8. - Have jaw problems or experience difficulty keeping your mouth open
  9. - Have a strong distaste of the smells, noises and feeling of dental treatment
  10. - Have a strong gag reflex or just gag more easily
  11. - Experience dental treatments as very uncomfortable

Sleep dentistry in Mosman

At Aussie Smile Dentist in Mosman, Sydney we offer our patients a unique approach of sleep dentistry. We have an extensive amount of experience when it comes to patients in the need of sleep dentistry. For sleep dentistry we use a special produced form of sedation performed by an anesthesiologist that not actually puts you to sleep, but rather makes you unaware of what is happening around you. This furthermore also provides you an anxiety-less state of mind afterwards as well. Our special form of sedation we use at Aussie Smile Dentistry in Mosman is not the only element for what we stand out for when it comes to sleep dentistry. We furthermore provide our sleep dentistry patients special care before and after the sleep dentistry treatment.

Many other people in Mosman, Sydney that were in the need of sleep dentistry have come to us specially because of our extensive knowledge in sleep dentistry. They know that when they come for sleep dentistry at Aussie Smiles Dentistry, they come for the best form of sleep dentistry available in Sydney that is done by the best experts of sleep dentistry in the market.
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