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Dental problems can occur at any time and at any hour. While most dentists are only open between Monday to Friday from 9AM to 5PM, we at Aussie Smile Dentist are open for 24/7 emergency dental services for new and existing customers in Mosman, Sydney. Our emergency 24/7 dental services cover any dental problems that may be causing you discomfort. Our dental 24/7 emergency service in Mosman is open for all customers, new or old.

Our emergency dental service in Mosman

Our 24 hours dental emergency service runs 7 days a week and is the longest one running in Mosman. We already have our emergency 24/7 dental services running for years. We therefore understand the seriousness of emergency dental problems. Emergency dental needs may not only causing you great discomfort, it may even damage nerves or blood vessels. Not directly attending good qualitative dental treatment may even increase the chance of infection that may risk of losing your tooth or worse.

Upon arriving at our dentistry in Mosman we can help you cater of any emergency dental treatments. This can be a broken tooth, a fractured tooth or even a chipped tooth. It does not matter what the dental emergency is, Aussie Smile Dentist in Mosman will always be there to help you at any time of the day or night 7 days a week. Our experienced team of dental professionals that work for us are able to perform any dental surgery that is needed to remove the discomfort.

If you leave a message, we will get back to you as soon as possible!

All your messages will go straight to email which we check on a highly frequent basis, meaning if you encounter a dental emergency, we will do everything in our power to treat you! In most cases, our on call dental surgeon will be able to reply to your inquiry or call within 3 hours.

Do not delay to seek help!

As with any other emergency, waiting to seek help can cause further complications. It is always important to see a dental professional as soon as possible so you can receive the best treatment. Unlike many other dental clinics, at Aussie Smile we have flexible appointment hours and strive to accommodate your needs, especially in an emergency.

Has your tooth has been knocked out from trauma?

If the reason for your emergency is that your tooth has been broken or knocked out from a traumatic incident, it is important that you see a dental professional within 30 minutes - this can mean the difference between saving your tooth!

Be sure to handle the tooth at the crown as touching the root can damage it. Store the tooth in a container with milk and bring it with you when you attend the emergency appointment. Do not wash or scrub the tooth as it will cause further damage.

If you, or your child, has a medical condition where it caused mouth swelling, bleeding or if you've been an accident that caused damage to your mouth or teeth, it is a dental emergency. Emergencies can also include dental pain i.e teeth, gum or jaw.
Emergencies depend on the type of treatment you need. There is no additional cost unless the emergency occurs on Sundays or after hours where a call-out fee applies.
Please visit the After Hours Emergencies page for more information about the call-out fees. CLICK HERE
You can book an emergency by using the Contact Form on this page. If the emergency occurred after business hours, you can use the Emergencies After Hours Contact Us page CLICK HERE
You should hear back from us within 15 minutes. If you do not hear back from us, please contact us on the number above to make sure we're able to handle your emergency.
You can contact us using the After Hours Contact Us page CLICK HERE
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