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Missing All Teeth

Are you missing all teeth?

If you are missing all teeth, there are multiple tooth replacement options available. One of them is an implant-based treatment.
Before dental implants, there were no other solutions available for people who lost all their teeth. Nowadays, it is possible to replace a full jaw with dental implants and a fixed bridge that results in a permanent, stable and high esthetic solution.

Characteristics of the treatment in Mosman, Sydney

Patients and cases vary, so the treatment rely on many conditions. But all in all, 8-10 appointments should be enough to have a fixed bridge installed. The majority of the patients assure that the procedure was much more comfortable than they had anticipated.

Dental implants are secured to the jaw bone, replacing the function of your natural tooth roots. Replacing your natural tooth roots with dental implants is the only proven way to prevent or stop bone loss. Dental implants will provide you with a stable and long-term solution that reduces pain, discomfort, instability, and bone loss that denture patients experience.

A few reasons why dental implants will change your life:

  1. 1- Dental implants successfully stop the bone deterioration
  2. 2- Implants are much more comfortable and stable than partial dentures
  3. 3- The facial structure integrity is maintained
  4. 4- The gum line stays intact – not eaten away by metal clasps
  5. 5- Natural biting and chewing capacity is restored
  6. 6- Adjacent natural teeth are preserved
  7. 7- You can eat your favourite meals again with no concerns
  8. 8- Dental implants look, act, and feel just like natural teeth
  9. 9- Dental implants are permanent – forget about glues or adhesives

At Aussie Smile Dentist, we will take in consideration all the available options and find the treatment that best fits your case. Do not hesitate to ask us about your options next time you visit Aussie Smile Dentist!
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