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Laser Therapy

Periodontal or gum disease is an infection of the supporting tissues and bone that hold your teeth in place. The problem affects mainly adults in the age of 30-40, and it is usually caused by:

  1. 1- Smoking
  2. 2- Chronic diseases
  3. 3- Poor oral hygiene
  4. 4- Some type of medications
  5. 5- Genetic susceptibility

Laser Therapy treatment for Periodontal Disease

The conventional treatment for periodontal disease is scaling and root planing (SRP), which is a non-surgical method that cleans the surfaces of the teeth and their root which may be exposed due to gum recession. This removes tartar, plaque and bacteria from the gum surrounding the root, and promotes the healthy regeneration of the gum tissue. As an alternative, the dentist at our Dentistry in Mosman may perform gum flap surgery, which consists in cutting and flapping back the gum tissue to allow deep cleaning around the roots underneath. The gum tissue is then sutured back into place to heal.

How does Laser Therapy work?

In periodontal laser therapy, the professional at Aussie Smile Dentist uses a dental laser to access and discard the inflamed gum tissue from around the root of the tooth. Once the infected tissue is removed and the root is exposed, the root scaling starts. This involves scraping off the calculus and plaque built up below the gumline and around the root. The dentist at our practice in Mosman then smooths the root to finally remove any rough spots that might attract germs and cause future infections. The area between the gum and the root can then regenerate through the healing process.
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