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Lost a Filling
Dental fillings are used to fill tooth cavities and are made of many different materials. After some time, a tooth that has a filling may decay, and it can become loose and fall out, so if cavities are not spotted and filled by a dentist, then they can gradually get worse as the decay spreads. This can ultimately lead to the inner part of the tooth becoming infected.

What should I do if I lost a filling?

If one of your fillings has fallen out, do not panic. Losing a filling is a pretty common occurrence. If you notice a lost filling in your mouth, remove it and do not try to push it back into your tooth. If you cannot find the filling, you could have swallowed it. Don't worry. It accidentally happens to many people without realizing. The first thing to do after finding that a filling has fallen out is call your dentist, make sure to schedule a visit in the practice as Mosman, where we can get your lost filling replaced as soon as possible. Most of the times, a lost filling will not cause you immediate or severe pain. But if you do experience pain, ask your dentist at Aussie Smile Dentistry for advice on how to handle the pain until you can attend the appointment. You may be advised to take some pain medication.

What to expect at the appointment in our Surgery in Mosman

Once at Aussie Smile Surgery, a dentist will check on your medical history and ask you about your concerns and symptoms. An X-ray will be taken, and the dentist will analyse the tooth and X-ray to choose the best treatment. If the tooth can be restored with another filling, the dentist will discuss your options for filling materials. In some cases, the tooth may need a root canal and a crown or cap to restore the integrity of the tooth. On rare occasions, a lost filling may require the tooth to be removed.
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