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Dental Trauma

Dental trauma is injury to the teeth, gums, and jawbones. The most common dental trauma is a broken or displaced tooth. It can be caused by contact sports, vehicle accidents, fights, falls, eating hard foods, drinking hot liquids, and others. Dental trauma includes teeth that are knocked out, cracked, forced out of position, pushed up into the jawbone, or loosened by impact. Oral tissues are sensitive, and injuries to the mouth are usually very painful. A patient with dental trauma should immediately seek for treatment from a dentist.

The procedure at Aussie Smile Dentist in Mosman

If a permanent tooth has been knocked out there is a possibility to re-implant it if handled promptly and correctly. This is the first thing you should think of:

  1. 1- Preferred option: Insert the tooth in the socket and hold it there until you are able to reach us and see your dentist. If that option is not suitable,
  2. 2- If not possible: Place the tooth immediately in milk, saliva, or cool water.

If the chopped tooth was a child's and you were able to reach us within 30 minutes with the tooth handled correctly, there is a possibility that our dentists at Aussie Smile Dentist in Mosman may be successfully able to re-implant it. However, if the tooth was a primary tooth, we usually decide against re-implanting them due to the nature of primary teeth.

To reduce swelling in the case of a dental trauma, use cold compresses, it also helps in reducing pain. Bleeding may be controlled with direct pressure applied with clean gauze. Deep lacerations and punctures may require stitches which we can help with at our surgery in Mosman.

More about broken tooth treatment...

Treatment of a broken tooth will vary depending on the severity of the fracture. For immediate first aid, the injured tooth and surrounding area should be rinsed gently with warm water to remove dirt, then covered with a cold compress to reduce swelling and ease pain. Our dentists will then examine the injury as soon as possible. Any pieces from the broken tooth should be saved and taken to the dentist with the patient.

When very small parts of the outer tooth has chipped off, but the inner core is unaffected, our dentists at Aussie Smile may simply smooth the rough edges or replace the missing section with a small composite filling. Same applies if a larger part is missing but the pulp is not permanently damaged, the tooth can still be recovered through using a protective coverage with a porcelain crown.

However, if the pulp has been seriously damaged, the tooth will require root canal treatment before it receives a crown. A tooth that is vertically fractured or fractured below the gum line will require root canal treatment as well and protective restoration.

What about broken jaws?

A broken jaw must be set back into its proper position and stabilized with wires while it heals. This is usually done by an oral surgeon. Healing may take six weeks or longer, depending on the patient's age and the severity of the fracture.

If you have a loved one who is suffering a broken tooth or a similar emergency, do not hesitate to contact us immediately on our contact number at the top of the page.
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